Good news all-

I busted out of the hospital today. Haha, that makes it sound like I left forcibly, but actually they let me go. So this experience and one of the books I read in the hospital have encouraged me to get serious about and step up my prayer life, so last night I prayed for two miracles– one was that they would be able to get my bloodwork done on one try (which hadn’t happened in the 6 prior blood works I’d had since this began) and that my liver enzyme levels will have gone down drastically. And the Lord answered those prayers! My favorite nurse was the one to do my bloodwork and she hit it on the first try, and then my results came back saying that my enzyme levels had dropped 100 points! (30 was the goal) So I am pretty happy. Of course it’s going to be challenging to get back into normal life again and rebuild my strength, but I’ve been down before and with God and my friends, I can do anything I think.

I can’t thank you all enough for all the prayers, visits, gifts, and well wishes.

I’ll tell you some of the funny stories that happened later. Now I have got to get my tired bones to bed.