Dear Blog-mmunity-
Greetings from Hitachi’s best and brightest – Nisei hospital. My friend Judith is taking my written statement and posting it to the blog for me. Very kind of her. So no, I haven’t gone and abandoned the blog. The day after my last post I went to the doctor and they admitted me to the hospital that afternoon for IV treatment. Long story short, despite some initial scares I was diagnosed with intercolitis, which is a viral infection of the intestine. The treatment was IV feeding and rest for several days. I guess I started feeling pretty good about Monday and figured I’d go home Tuesday. BUT… my blood tests revealed that the enzyme count in my liver was way high so I’ve been being held hostage since then while they try to diagnose the problem. At this point I’m frustrated and just want to go home. I feel alright, just a little tired and weak. My friends here have been great and taken very good care of me.
So there’s the scoop. If they don’t release me soon (ie Monday at the latest), I am making a break for it. I’ll call the embassy if I have to =) I’ll fill you in on the details of this “adventure” when I am released. Just keep me in your prayers, onegaishimasu. And my family. I think they’re worried. =)
Love you all –