I don’t know how well publicized this was in America, but this week it seems as though Japan has been having a railway crisis of sorts. On Monday there was a huge wreck near Osaka when a train derailed and hit an apartment building and car. Right now the death toll is at 95 and the injury toll is well over 400. Then as the Prime Minister was apologizing for the wreck, another accident occured a little ways north of here. That time a truck stalled out on the tracks, but I don’t believe there were any serious injuries. Then today marks accident number three. In Yokohama a van ran into the side of a train. The passengers in the van were injured, but the train commuters were alright.

I wish I could give you some special exclusive glimpse into the Japanese society’s reactions to these events, but I really haven’t heard anyone talking about it. I haven’t watched TV lately, so I don’t know how well it’s being covered. I don’t know if the trains are receiving less business than usual. I do know that tonight my friend mentioned that from now on she’s going to ride in the rear cars of the train. :) I think that’s kind of funny, but it’s a good idea I suppose. I think if I were Japanese I’d be freaking out. I come from rural America where public transportation is virtually unheard of, but it’s an integral part of the community here. I ride the bus everyday to school. I ride the train to church and to nearby cities to see my friends. Many high school students ride the train each day, as well as many business people. All this to say that it is scary to realize your vulnerability while on the train. Que sera sera, I guess.

Coming soon– Ann’s commentary on Japanese textbooks. :) It may not be what you’re thinking!