Since my departure date for Japan is nearing, I decided to get on the ball and begin to pack. I was doing really well, I thought. As you can see, I have one bag pretty full already and mentally I had alloted room to all of my remaining clothing and personal items in my other check-in and carry-on bag and was satisfied that I had just enough room for everything. Then I noticed something was missing. Something substancial. My underwear. Yes, that’s right, as of right now I have no where to put the underwear. :) I guess that means some more re-arranging and shifting and gleaning will be taking place in my future. The time has come to separate the grain from the chaff, the sheep from the goats, the necessities from the luxury items. Wish me luck! If anyone has any packing tips, please share! :)

Most of my Japan wardrobe will go in this bag. Posted by Hello