Tonight I am feeling very tired but empowered thanks to a home improvement project I did (with much guidance from my father). I have been wanting wall shelves in my room for a long time, and today I finally just went to the garage, got the measuring tape and the stud finder, and went to work. I then went to Home Depot to buy my wood and brackets. It boggles my mind to go in that place! You could build a rocket ship or a catapult or anything you could want from a store like that! Amazing. You could smell the testosterone in that place. :) So I came home and used the cordless drill (mostly by myself), and installed those suckers! They are up and they are beautiful, and I am so so proud of myself. But I have to give a shout out to my dad, who taught me to measure twice and drill once. :)

PS- I hope someone caught my incredibly clever title. ;)