I hope someone catches the play on words in my title… Ketchup/Catch-up… yeah I’m a dork. Anyway, I realized something about myself tonight that I feel should be blogged for eternity. I like ketchup a lot. I don’t think it’s a freakish amount, but it’s a lot. I use a minimum of 4 packets per sitting. That assumes that a sitting involves a medium-size fry. I also like to dip my hamburger in ketchup. Many of my friends pick on the fact that I order meat and bread only hamburgers, but that’s okay. I guess I could order them with ketchup, but I firmly believe in having control over the distribution of condiments on my food. Similarly, you will also never catch me putting ketchup all over the entirety of my french fries. It never fails that some french fries are drenched by the ketchup while others are stark naked. I like uniformity, achieved by the individual dipping of each fry into the ketchup. Yes, here’s a glimpse into my odd odd mind.